Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Final Post

OK then. Finally the last post of this blog thing. The day I've been waiting for. I guess I should actually do what this challenge says to do. I Have Twenty Six Posts all together including my pictures. Fifteen of them are my own interest and Eleven have something to do with blogging challenges or something for school. I have about Twelve comments total and I only have a max of one comment for a blog and I think that I got these comments because either the pictures were funny or they like the picture that I used with my blog. I think that the most enjoyable post I wrote was my whats on my mind post because it was short, sweet, and exactly what I was thinking about. I never changed my blog because I thought it was fine exactly the way I had it. Now for my widget count... 3!!! Wow that is way to many I think. Yeah all done with this part. Bye.

Andrew's first impression of my blog is that it is green. The big white box of something that didn't load. He said that the big white box that didn't load distracted him. He said to fix the big white box that doesn't load and less green.